The Characters


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Kaze no Banri, Reimei no Sora

The General of the Right Division of the Imperial Army of Kei.


Jinrai迅雷 (swift + thunder)

Jo Ei


Jo Ei

Tsuki no Kage, Kage no Umi

The younger sister of Yo-ou. After Yo-ou's death Joei attempted to take over the throne without having been chosen by Keiki. Most of the ministers of Kei supported her, hoping to gain more of the powers of the throne for themselves. The one man who dared stand out against this plan was the Lord of Baku Province, Koukan.


Jo Ei舒栄 (open + glory)


Jo Kaku


Yo-ou Jo Kaku

Shimai Ou
Tsuki no Kage, Kage no Umi

The empress of Kei before Youko. Her posthumous name is Yo-ou. While empress, Jo Kaku fell in love with Keiki and in a fit of jealousy banned all women from the castle. She was a poor empress and was easily manipulated by her advisors through flattery and elaborate gifts. After her death, her younger sister Jo Ei attempted to unrightfully take the throne.


Jo Kaku舒覚 (open + memories)

Yo-ou予王 (previous + king)




Ryuu-ou Jorohou

Kaze no Banri, Reimei no Sora

The name of the current emperor of Ryuu.


Jorohou助露峰 (help + dew + peak)

Ryuu-ou劉王 (axe + king)



Tonan no Tsubasa

Shushou's father. A rich, middle-aged merchant. It is said that there is no trade that he does not have a hand in. His nickname is Banko (万賈), implying that in his career as a merchant, there is no trade that he is not involved in.


Sou Joshou相如昇 (excel + rise up)

Banko万賈 (everything + tradesman)



Tasogare no Kishi, Akatsuki no Sora

A ruler of Sai from long ago. During Juntei's reign, the ruler of Han Kingdom lost his way (shitsudou), and the citizens of Han were suffering the repercussions. Juntei took pity on the people of Han, and to try to help them sent part of Sai's Imperial Army into Han, stationing the troops at the border between Sai and Han to protect and help the refugees fleeing the kingdom.

Yet, despite having an entirely altruistic motivation, the Heavens expressed displeasure of the situation by causing the kirin of Sai to pass away, and Juntei followed shortly after.

Moreover, the character for the forename of Sai, which is used in the forenames of the emperors (e.g. Sai-ou) and kirin (e.g. Saiki or Sairin) was changed from to (both are read as "Sai," but the latter character is the one still in use). The "Sai" inscribed on the Imperial Seal of Sai was also changed from to .


Juntei遵帝 (obey + the creator)