The Characters


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Matsuyama Seizou


Tsuki no Kage, Kage no Umi

A kaikyaku living in Kou. After meeting Youko in an inn, he stole her belongings.


Matsuyama Seizou松山誠三 (pine + mountain + sincerity + three)




Kasho no Yume — Shokan

A friend of Rakushun's from the college he attends in En. Meiken is a nickname which denotes wisdom and intelligence in homage to the fact that Meiken became a college student at a (relatively) young age. Meiken dislikes the name though, as he feels that it is presumptuous.


Meiken鳴賢 (sound + wisdom)



Tonan no Tsubasa
Kasho no Yume — Kazan

[show (beware spoilers)]


Hi Meiki妃明嬉 (queen + bright + rejoice)



Higashi no Watatsumi, Nishi no Soukai

A guard of the emperor. In the beginning he served as a non-commissioned officer under Seishou. He also served temporarily as the Daishiba of the Summer Ministry. Mousen regards En-ou Shouryuu with a sort of "he can't be helped" kind of attitude in the sense of "let's just let him do what he wants."


Mousen毛旋 (fur + rotation)