The Timeline


Reign Era Names (国歴)

En — Taika (大化, Shouryuu, 21 years). Hakuchi (白雉, Shouryuu, 87 years). Taigen (大元, Shouryuu, current).

Hou — Eiwa (永和, Retsu-ou, 30 years).

Kei — Yosei (予青, Yo-ou, 7 years). Sekiraku (赤楽, Youko, current).

Kyou — Fuhaku (普白, the ruler preceeding Shushou).

Tai — Wagen (和元, Kyou-ou, 32 years). Koushi (弘始, Gyousou, current).











Yosei 1

Jokaku becomes empress of Kei.

Yosei 2

Wagen 32

Koushi 1

Gyousou becomes emperor of Tai. The era of his reign is named Koushi.

Yosei 3

Koushi 2


Eiwa 6

Hou-ou and Hourin are killed by Gekkei.

Yosei 6


Keiki falls ill to shitsudou.


Fifth Month

Empress Jokaku goes to Mt. Hou to seek pardon from heaven and renounce the throne of Kei. She dies and is buried at Senryou.


Joei falsely claims the throne of Kei.


Yosei 7

Sekiraku 1

Second Month

Youko meets Keiki at her high school, and after they are attacked by youma Keiki's shirei carry her off. Youko arrives in the world of the twelve kingdoms, on the shores of Kou, alone. (Or with Sugimoto and Asano, if you go by the anime.)


Seventh Month

Youko, with the aid of Shouryuu, deposes Joei and takes the throne.


Eighth Month

Youko and Keiki ascend Mt. Hou to complete her investiture and have her name recorded in the census of heaven. She officially ascends the throne as ruler of Kei, and her reign is designated Sekiraku.


Eleventh Month

Youko's coronation ceremony takes place.


Twelfth Month

Youko leaves the palace to study with Enho. Suzu and Seishuu arrive in Goto.


Sekiraku 2

First Month

Suzu and Seishuu arrive in Shisui.


Second Month

Rebellion breaks out in Takuhou.